7 places to visit nearby Harmony Hills

Harmony Hills **** is situated at a key location close to Varna and the resorts of the city, while being extremely close to the biggest attractions of the Northern Black Sea coast. See 7 of them!№1 Varna

The Sea Capital certainly offers everything you would need. Attractions, historical sights, museums, restaurants, bars and shopping venues. Surely visit the renovated pedestrian ring of the city, the port area and the Sea Garden, which is the largest park in the country. In the summer, the bars along the seafront promenade set the rhythm of night Varna and the central zone of the city boils down to life!

The feast of Varna is August 16th. If you’ve decided to make your holiday at Harmony Hills right then, make sure you’re part of the festivities!

2 Kaliakra

The most famous place on the Black Sea is undoubtedly Kaliakra. The magnetic peninsula, inhabited since ancient times, is one of the symbols of Bulgaria. It is only 12 km away. north of Kavarna.

Gulf of Bolata

Bolata is one of the most beautiful beaches in Bulgaria. The incredible bay offers great views, clean and cool water. If you are on the Northern Black Sea coast, it is certainly a must-see destination!

Balchik and the Palace with the Garden

The Botanical Garden and the Palace in Balchik are a place you can not miss! Just about 20km. north of Harmony Hills, the small seaside town will welcome you with open arms. After enjoying the beauty of the Palace and Botanical Garden, you can continue your walk along the promenade.

Yailata, Kamen Bryag and Tyulenovo

The name ‘Yaila’ is of Turkish origin and in Bulgarian it means ‘high pasture’. That is what the area represents – high vertical rocks revealing a phenomenal view of the Black Sea. Walking in this area will certainly take a lot of the resource on the memory card in your phone. 🙂

The legend tells that the Roman poet Ovid, who was exiled to the city of Tommy (now Kustshenja) by Emperor Augustus, spent the last days of Yail. His friends took him out of the city of Tommy by ship. Ovid grew up in the Bay of Yail and was hidden by the local population.

The reserve is located 2 km south of Kamen Bryag and is a terrace of 300 decares, separated from the sea by 50-60 m of rock massifs.

№6 Durankulak

Durankulak has two beaches – North and South. The North reaches the Romanian border and the South reaches the Krapets. On the northern one can be seen the remains of the sunken ship “Ana Maria”, who was in the 60’s in the area.

In the area is the Durankulak Lake, where some of the most ancient remains of life on the planet are found.

№7 Lighthouse in Shabla

This is the most eastern point of Bulgaria, and the Shabla Lighthouse is among the 100 national sites. The lighthouse is the oldest and the tallest in Bulgaria – 32m.

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