Your choice of place is important, it will remain forever a memory of one of the most important days in your life – your wedding!

choose the date and leave us the organization!

At Harmony Hills we will help you organize your unique day and the choice for everything is yours – from the decoration in the room and restaurant to the smallest details regarding the choice of food and drinks!

Our experienced team is here to offer you an advice and assistance at every stage, ensuring that no detail is overlooked and nothing left to chance.

Let us together organize your fabulous and unique wedding day!

Team Buildings

Team building encourages team members to work together and communicate more effectively with each other.

To get the most from your team building, you have to plan carefully. Think about the number of participants, the purpose of the event, the available budget. Entertainment, food, accommodation , location and transport may also be important factors. We can help you with planning your team building event from the beginning.

We offer property with extensive garden, swimming pool for water games, bike rental, table tennis, billiards, football, beach activities and much more.


Harmony Hills offers a great opportunity to organize your thematic musical, dance or theatrical event. Over the years, we have hosted a number of events of this type and we have the experience of realizing your idea to the smallest detail!

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